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BackForty is a pioneering artist management and music supervision firm with a profound commitment to placing art at the forefront of their endeavors. With two distinct facets - artist management and music supervision - the company boasts over two decades of experience in the music industry and creative supervision landscape.

01 - BackForty - homepage

The challenge was to unveil the dual identities of BackForty - artist management and music supervision - in a manner that exuded coolness and allure. The aim was to define what artist management means and highlight the diversity of projects undertaken in the realm of music supervision. These two facets, while distinct, were to be portrayed as integral parts of one remarkable company.

02 - BackForty - services

Our creative concept aimed to craft an engaging and enjoyable experience that seamlessly merged both worlds within BackForty.

Music Supervision: To entice those seeking music supervision services, the approach was to appeal to outdoor clients, showcase videos with music, exhibit the client list, and drive individuals to connect with Bodie, ensuring they worked on the coolest projects imaginable.

03 - BackForty - artist management

Artist Management: The artist management side needed to establish a strong presence and credibility. It provided an opportunity for established artists to conduct reference checks, greet the team, and peruse a list of artists they had previously worked with.

04 - BackForty - about

To showcase both sides of the company, we harnessed the wealth of captivating content inherent to each division. Photos and videos took center stage, infusing excitement and credibility into each service. Micro-interactions within the site injected distinct creative personalities into each page, making the user experience not only informative but also a playful and engaging journey.

I can't thank you enough for never halting, diminishing or deflecting our vision. Instead, you threw gas on the fire and guided us to make it OUR collective reality. You led us professionally to a site I can't imagine anyone has envisioned before.
Bodie Johnson
BackForty Manager, BackForty Management

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