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Hayashi is a fresh addition to the world of Japanese whisky, offering a luxury spirit with a distinct commitment to evolving the generations-old awamori rice spirit process. Hailing from the Ryukyu Islands, Hayashi embodies the serene charm of Okinawan island life while honoring the time-honored Japanese traditions of patience and perfection.

01 - Hayashi - intro

Hayashi sought a launch that would exude the brand's cool and premium qualities while enlightening users about its luxury status. We set out to narrate the tale of a high-end whisky, celebrated for its radiant and refined character, embodying the serene allure of Pacific island life. Our mission was to convey the three core brand pillars: Japanese Artistry, Aged to Perfection, and Okinawan Lifestyle.

02 - Hayashi - intro

Our creative concept revolved around compelling visual storytelling, utilizing the product as a central character throughout the narrative to reinforce the identity of Hayashi. We wanted to ensure that the brand and the new product would be instantly recognizable on the shelf.

03 - Hayashi - about

The design direction we took was characterized by cleanliness and elegance, adorned with elements such as gold foil and intricate forest illustrations, invoking a sense of mystery. These elements were thoughtfully paired with images to convey the story of Hayashi visually.

04 - Hayashi - product

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