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Wide shot of Shakey Graves Movie of The Week album cover.

Shakey Graves, the globally acclaimed artist, embarked on a remarkable musical journey with his latest album, "Movie of the Week." The album's unique concept was to create a film score for a fictional movie, resulting in a multifaceted collection of song versions that explore various dimensions of the same tracks. This audacious endeavor presented an opportunity to engage fans in an interactive and innovative way.

01 - Shakey Graves - homepage

The challenge was to introduce a diverse array of song versions within the album and allow fans to interact with them, ultimately crafting their own "Movie of the Week" soundtrack. Fans' input would generate a unique album title, artwork, and a movie synopsis, all powered by A.I.

02 - Shakey Graves - homepage - mobile

Drawing inspiration from the album artwork, which featured a wall of TV screens, our creative concept centered on recreating this visual motif within an interactive web experience. Users could navigate the site by exploring a wall of TVs playing Shakey Graves' retro-style videos. This immersive journey led users to the heart of the experience: the "Movie of the Week" generator page.

03 - Shakey Graves - soundtrack generator

On this page, users were prompted to input their preferred movie genre. Their input triggered the generation of a unique tailored page that consisted of artwork, movie title, movie synopsis and a film score to match. This personalized experience empowered users to create, listen to, and even purchase their unique album.

04 - Shakey Graves - generated soundtrack - mobile

This innovative tool not only captivated users with its uniqueness but also had a substantial impact on his website's performance. In the first week after the site's launch, we witnessed an impressive 91% surge in new user visits and a remarkable 285% increase in page views. As a result, his new album experienced a steady rise in sales.

I can't thank you enough for never halting, diminishing or deflecting our vision. Instead, you threw gas on the fire and guided us to make it OUR collective reality. You led us professionally to a site I can't imagine anyone has envisioned before.
Bodie Johnson
Shakey Graves Manager, BackForty Management

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